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Get a list of Twitter followers and followings, for free, along with insightful account analytics. Establish accurate Twitter performance metrics by analysing tweets, followers, and hashtags.

  • Export Twitter followers list for free (first 5,000 followers)
  • Export Twitter following/friends list for free (first 5,000 followings)
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4000+ Analytics reports generated    220+ Satisfied Clients

4000+ Analytics reports generated

220+ Satisfied Clients

and many more have chosen our products for a wide-range of use cases

eInsightData is the Preferred Twitter Analytics Source For Businesses Globally

Get a List of Twitter Followers

Supercharge your marketing strategy by analyzing Twitter followers. eInsightData can provide you with the entire list of followers of a given account to perform detailed Twitter followers analysis and derive profitable metrics for your marketing strategy.
  • Export Twitter followers list from your competitors or virtually any account
  • Search Twitter bios from the Twitter followers list
  • Identify fake followers or Twitter Bots effortlessly
  • Backup your Twitter Followers for own account

Export Twitter following list

Export the Twitter following list of any account in a few simple steps and identify key influencers to reach out. Get exact user engagement metrics and analyze the following of a Twitter account. Establish the authenticity of any account through effective Twitter following analysis.
  • Export Twitter following list of any account including your competition
  • Backup your Twitter account followings or another account
  • Get a list of Twitter followers and perform accurate Twitter followers analysis
  • Download Twitter following list and search Twitter bio’s of all the accounts

What’s included in the analytics report?

You get a detailed analytical report with every follower list that you order through eInsightData. Here is a brief look at everything that’s included along with the followers' list.

  • Twitter Account ID: This is a unique ID assigned by Twitter to every account on the platform.
  • Account Name: The name or the brand name of the Twitter account holder (User-defined).
  • Screen Name: The name which the follower has opted to display (User-defined).
  • Profile Location: This is the location declared by the account at the time of account creation. Users can also change this setting whenever they want.
  • Account’s Twitter Bio: This is the section that appears below the account name and Twitter handle of an account.
  • Profile URL: This is the URL that directly links to the followers' accounts.
  • Account Protected Status: The account protected status denoted the privacy settings of the accounts. The activities of these accounts are only visible to their followers and cannot be accessed by non-followers unless the account owner changes their tweet privacy settings.
  • Followers count: This metric denotes the account-specific following of the follower from the target account.
  • Friends count: Friends are the accounts that the targeted account follower follows.
  • Listed counts: Listed counts denotes the number of lists a specific follower has created in their account.
  • Account Creation Date: This metric provides the account creation date and time. A very useful detail that helps in identifying fake followers.
  • Favorites count: It is the number of tweets that a follower has favorited.
  • Account Time zone: The time zone of the followers' account.
  • Account Verified Status: Accounts that are verified by Twitter to be genuine and of noteworthy presence are listed as ‘True’ or ‘False’ in the report. Account verification status is denoted by a blue tick that appears on the right of a Twitter account name.
  • Statuses count: This is simply the number of tweets that the listed follower has sent out from their account.
  • Default Language: The default language of the Twitter follower’s account. Users can change their default account language whenever they want.
  • Contributors enabled: This is the count of users that have access to the followers' Twitter account. Business accounts usually have a higher contributor figure than individual users.

Analytics enables a healthy analysis of the followers of any targeted account. Researchers, journalists, and academicians leverage Twitter followers list and their analytics to build impactful marketing strategies that can have a massive impact on the performance of any marketing campaign.

Tracking Twitter followers' growth overtime is only made possible by reading these analytical metrics and assessing the growth of the target account. There are numerous other applications of the followers' report and eInsightData can help you with any sort of Twitter data requirements.

Develop Twitter Analytics Reports into Actionable Insights

Competitor Insights

Export the followers of your competitors and conduct offline analysis in Excel. Their followers are a whole new pool of people for you to target. Promote your service/product to people who you know are already interested in your competitors services and niche.

Lead Generation

Looking to generate leads from Twitter? Analytics can help you in getting quality leads that supplement your business revenue.

Twitter Followers Analytics

Get detailed insights into the follower base of your competitors audience and analyze Twitter data on a user-specific level. Export Twitter following list and get detailed engagement metrics and identify their likes and dislikes.

Identify Real Influencers

Leverage the power of Twitter analytics and look past the inflated numbers. With a detailed Twitter followers analytics report you can identify the real influencers.

Perform Twitter Audits

Twitter is swarming with bots and fake accounts. Advanced followers analytics helps you in identifying fake Twitter accounts and enhancing your Twitter profile performance.

Detailed Follower Metrics

eInsightData provides you with detailed follower metrics and helps you in establishing their likes and dislikes.

Deploy social listening strategies

Isolate conversations intended for your brand and and become pro-active in your customer feedback strategies.

Build An Impactful Twitter Presence

Supercharge your Twitter Content marketing endeavors through effective Twitter audience analysis


Getting your hands on somebody’s Twitter followers list can provide you with plenty of valuable information about that account, something that can be incredibly important if you’re coming up with a marketing strategy and want to know what your competitors are doing differently from you and who they’re targeting.

For example, you can find out the followers’ location, which allows you to target a specific area with your marketing effort. You can check their Twitter bio to find the most common keywords, which will also help you be more efficient. Account creation date can help you discern genuine followers from bots, as can the number of tweets published, plus you can see how active your followers are through the date of their last tweet.

Most importantly, you can see which accounts are verified as the ultimate proof of their credibility.

Apart from that, the Twitter followers report by eInsightData contains many other valuable metrics you can use to create an efficient strategy. Therefore, downloading a Twitter followers list is a must for any business that wants to make a serious impact on this social network.

Well, there are several reasons for that. First of all, getting a Twitter followers list from eInsightData is incredibly simple and efficient thanks to a user-friendly interface, and if there are any problems, an excellent support team is always there to help you out.

The data you get this way will always be 100% accurate, and you can choose to receive it in two different formats, .CSV and .xlsx. Furthermore, you also have several currencies to choose from, so everyone should be able to get this list in a way that suits them just right.

But the biggest advantage of turning to eInsightData for your Twitter followers lists is the price. Not only will you get a deal here that is at least 50% more affordable than any other similar service, but you can also expect to get a free sample of our work, just to see the level of quality you can expect.

Furthermore, you will not be tied down by any subscriptions, contracts or any similar long-term obligation. You pay for what you order once, and that’s pretty much it! Combining this principle with the low prices allows pretty much anyone to use this data in creating a sound business strategy.

eInsightData’s system is extremely user-friendly and you can do all the necessary steps in just a few clicks. All you need is the handle of the account you’re looking to target which you will then type in on eInsightData’s page for exporting Twitter followers.

After that, just type in your e-mail address and a link will be sent to you through which you can start downloading the report. You can choose between the .CSV or the .xlsx format here, and after that, you proceed to the payment page.

Once the payment has been made, eInsightData’s system will start generating the report. You can expect it to be done in a few hours, although this will very much depend on the number of followers - the bigger that number is, the longer it will take to generate the report.

This is actually fairly simple, albeit slightly tedious if you’re dealing with a big account. All you have to do is go and visit the account you’re interested in and open its Followers tab.

Now comes the tricky part - you have to let ALL followers load properly, and this means you may have to do quite a bit of scrolling since Twitter only loads a handful of followers at a time.

After that, select all of them (Ctrl+A), and then copy and paste them into your Notepad. It is important that you paste the data into Notepad because that way, you will get rid of all the formatting (tables, hyperlinks etc.).

Finally, copy what you have in your Notepad and paste it into your Excel spreadsheet (Google Spreadsheets will also work). Once this is done, just click Data and then Sort Sheet by Column, and your spreadsheet will lay out all the information in front of you nicely. Then, you can use that for whatever you need. Easy, right?

eInsightData’s Analytical Report is a vast repository of information on the chosen account’s followers. With it, you can create strategies and marketing campaigns with laser-sharp precision, guaranteeing you incredible efficiency and superb results.

For example, apart from a Twitter account’s name, you can also find out its ID, screen name and URL. You can also see how much followers and friends they have, as well as the number of lists they’ve created. This can tell you a lot about their activity and how much you can expect from them.

Moving on, the fact that you can also see when an account was created can often tell you if it’s fake or not, but you can check whether the account has been verified and use this information for the same purpose. There are even more metrics in the Report than that, but by now you probably get the idea - it’s VERY comprehensive.

Twitter bio is that small piece of text that’s shown to everybody below your profile picture. And yes, you can search the bios of an account’s followers simply by transferring the .CSV or the .xlsx file into your Excel or Google Sheets.

Once you do that, just use the Search function (Ctrl+F) and type in the term that interests you. You will immediately see how common it is and be able to browse the bios that have it. Really easy and will only take a minute to set up.