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How to Export Twitter Followers List From Any Twitter Account to Excel/CSV

The steps to export Twitter followers list are easy. However, it can also become your worst nightmare as it depends on a number of factors, including type of Twitter account, number of followers and the amount of information you want to save for every account.

Download Twitter followers for any account and save them to an Excel/CSV file. A very simple and effective way to boost your marketing efficiency

Generally speaking, there are two ways of getting your followers exported easily into a spreadsheet or CSV file: the free way and the paid way. Let's take a closer look and analyze whether it's better to use the free tool or the paid one to export Twitter followers list.

Spoiler: it's probably better to use the paid one, see below why.

Export Twitter Followers List For Free

Most people will definitely look for free ways to export Twitter followers list. Well, we've got both bad news and good news for them. The bad news is that Twitter doesn't have the built-in tools to ensure hassle-free follower export. The good news is that there are numerous workarounds to get the job done, and you will still have the followers saved into nice & tidy Excel/CSV without paying a penny. So, here we go:

Export Twitter Followers List For Free: Hand Picking Users' Twitter Handles

Step 1.

Go to your Twitter profile or select the profile you want to export the followers from. The profile will open on the Tweets tab as shown on the picture below (see Fig 1. below):

Free Export of Twitter followers: Step 1. Open the Twitter profile of the selected account. The account will open on Tweets tab, showing all Tweets for that specific account

Fig 1. Open the target Twitter profile; profile will open on the Tweets tab.

Step 2.

Go to the Followers tab of the selected Twitter account. It will show you all followers for the chosen account. Remember that Twitter shows only 9 followers per screen (or fewer, if you have a smaller screen), so if the account has a lot of followers, you will need to keep on scrolling until all followers are fully loaded. Yes, it can mean a lot of scrolling! (See Fig 2. below for explanation)

Free Export of Twitter followers: Step 2. Open the Followers tab of the chosen Twitter account and load the follower list. Scroll down if you have to - keep scrolling until the list loads in full

Fig 2. Click on the Followers tab and if required scroll all the way down to load the entire follower list.

Step 3.

While still on the Twitter page with Followers open, press 'Select All' (Ctrl+A) to select all followers, then select 'Copy' to save this data into clipboard. Once done, open your Notepad and paste this information into your Notepad file by pressing 'Ctrl+V'. This is done to lose all your formatting (tables, hyperlinks, formatting etc). Please see Fig 3. for more details.

Free Export of Twitter followers: Step 3. Press 'Select All' (Ctrl+A) to copy all information from the page. Open notepad and paste the information by pressing 'Ctrl+V'. This will rid of the fonts, formatting, tables, colors etc. Perfect data for raw analysis.

Fig 3. Press 'Select All' (Ctrl+A) to copy all information from the page. Open notepad and paste the information by pressing 'Ctrl+V'. This is the end result.

Step 4.

Open Excel or Google Spreadsheets and copy the information from Notepad (as described in Step 3) and paste it into your spreadsheet. Select: Data -> Sort Sheet by Column, hit apply. Your information will structure nicely and on top you will see your Twitter followers. Save this information and use it as you deem fit. (See Fig. 4 for more details).

Once you paste your followers into your excel file, sort this information alphabetically and you will immediately notice your follower list

Fig 4. Copy the information from the Notepad over to the Spreadsheet, then sort this data using the filter as shown on the screenshot.

Voila! You now have your followers exported nicely in either Excel or CSV file, depending on your preferences. You can now do whatever you have to with this list - you are all set.

Summary: so when to use the free tool to export Twitter followers list?

All in all we’ve spent up to an hour working on manual extraction of Twitter followers and saving them one by one. All results have been carefully written and added to the comparison table below, and they key takeaways are:

Comparison table with results: in the end we see that for just $5 you can quickly get a lot of useful information

  1. eInsightData is 4 times faster overall. We deliberately took accounts with just 100 followers. The more followers, the better results eInsightData will show.
  2. Time per follower is 400 less when using eInsightData as opposed to doing it manually. Again, the more followers, the better the results per follower.
  3. With eInsightData, you get not just Twitter handles, but 21 parameters to analyze your follower base!
  4. The free way of course beats eInsightData in terms of price. However, does it really? We had to buy 2 cups of coffee while working on manual data scraping, all worth $5. With price being ultimately the same, we ended up losing 1 hour worth of precious time. That being said, eInsightData pricing is very reasonable!

Here is a quick summary of cases when the use of the free, manual way export Twitter followers list can work for you:

  1. The Twitter account is low on followers (200 followers or less)
  2. You have the time, but don't have the money to pay for the service
  3. You are familiar with basic Excel functions
  4. All you need is just Twitter handles. No other information is required.

Pro Tip: Even for low-follower accounts like the one we used in our example, with just 11 followers, eInsightData does the job in less than 15 minutes and for as low as $5! Now that you know this information, would you still want to spend time handpicking all this data or would you rather get this done by a professional service at the fraction of the cost?

The Best Way to Export Twitter Followers List: eInsightData

Besides the free tool, there is also a smart way to instantaneously scrape a ton of useful information off Twitter using a tool called, eInsightData, all for the fraction of the price. Here are the most typical reasons when getting this data from a professional service is the right decision.

Twitter Accounts With a Huge Follower Base

Exporting thousands of followers manually is obviously a lot of manual work. Copying and formatting your information, let alone hours of scrolling for top twitter accounts like @katyperry, @ladygaga or @realDonaldTrump with over 1 million followers each, will turn such data scraping into your worst nightmare. Just to remind you that hand picking of their twitter accounts only gives you the handles.

You Need More Info Than Just Twitter Handles

Besides Twitter handles, which are provided by default anyway, the following metrics are included:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Screen Name
  • Location
  • Description
  • URL
  • Protected
  • Followers Count
  • Friends Count
  • Listed Count
  • Created At
  • Favourites Count
  • Time Zone
  • Verified
  • Statuses Count
  • Language
  • Contributors Enabled
  • Is Translator
  • Is Translation Enabled
  • Has Extended Profile
  • Following

Save Time Using Automated Software

Can you imagine how long it would take you to scrape data for accounts with 1000+ followers? An hour, two, three - maybe more? Imagine being able to get all this data in less than 15 minutes! All arranged nicely in a neat and tidy Excel or CSV file. This couldn't be easier - paste in the twitter nickname you want your followers from, give us your email address, complete payment and you will get the end result in 15 minutes or less.

Here is How to Export Twitter Followers List From Any Twitter Account. Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Enter the Twitter account you want to extract followers from
  2. Enter your email address and click “Get Price”
  3. Submit payment to complete order and get your results in Excel/CSV file format.

So Which Tool Should I Use to Export the List Of Twitter Followers?

The only reason to take the free path is to get Twitter followers for accounts with a small follower base. Two hundred followers is where the comfort ends - then it gets slow and painful. Follower extraction services are dirt cheap for small and big accounts at eInsightData. For example, an account with just 11 followers will cost $5, which is exactly the same price for accounts with 1500 followers! eInsightData has managed to beat the competition by setting the lowest prices in industry, and price is not a factor any more.

Considering other things like speed, convenience, abundance of insightful information, the question of how to get your Twitter followers exported is not a question anymore. Go ahead and play around with the service, request a free, instant quote from eInsightData and place your order.

Got questions? Email us and we will gladly assist.


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