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How do I download a tweet?

There are three ways to download a tweet, the manual method, Twitter data archive, and third-party tools like eInsightData. Each will give you different results. Therefore, it’s a good idea first to determine what your goals are before choosing your route. Of course, you can stick to the good old Twitter service (even with its limitations), or you may consider using the services of third-party software like eInsightData.

downloading tweets guide

Here’s what you will find in this article:

Export a tweet using traditional methods

Download a tweet using Twitter data archive

Download a tweet using a third-party tool

How long does it take for Twitter data to download?

How many tweets can you download?

Historical Tweets

Export a tweet using traditional methods

The easiest way to export a tweet is to copy it simply. You can then paste it into a text file somewhere on your desktop or clipboard. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot and save it for later use. However, these methods limit your capabilities only to one tweet at a time. Besides, you won’t get any additional information apart from the exact text in the tweet. Here are some tips on how to export a screenshot:

Option #1: Download a tweet using Firefox

  1. Login onto Twitter from your Firefox browser;
  2. Find the tweet that you want to save;
  3. Click on the More icon at the right part of the address bar;
  4. Click on the Take a Screenshot option;
  5. Crop the tweet that you want to save and press the Download button;
  6. Save the image in the desired directory or folder.

Option #2: Download a tweet using Print Screen

  1. Find the tweet you want to download;
  2. Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard;
  3. Open MS Paint or another similar software;
  4. Click on the Paste button on the top left corner;
  5. Save and render the file in the desired format.

Advantages and disadvantages of downloading a tweet using Twitter Archive


  • Easy and convenient for one-time use;


  • Downloading more than one tweet can be time-consuming;
  • You won’t get any analytics;
  • Users have to do a manual search in case they want to find an old tweet or hashtag;

Download a tweet using Twitter data archive

The process is pretty straightforward. Besides, Twitter has outlined all the steps for the first-timers. Here are the steps to download your Twitter data archive:

  1. Go to the Settings section on the top right side of the menu;
  2. Click on the profile picture in the top right corner of the navigation bar;
  3. Select the Settings and privacy tab;
  4. Choose the Your Twitter data under the Account section;
  5. Enter your Password and click Confirm;
  6. Click on the Request data button and expect the download to be ready in a few days. The same procedure applies if you have linked your account to Periscope;
  7. You’ll receive a link to a ZIP file in your email when the download is ready (like below)

how to download your twitter archive data steps

Advantages and disadvantages of downloading a tweet using Twitter Data Archive:

Perhaps, the standard way to get additional analytics is to use Twitter itself. In 2012, the company implemented a feature that allows users to access their archive of posts. It gives you the chance to store your tweets with all the required information. That way, you’ll easily keep track of your data, especially if you already have thousands of tweets.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to this feature. Firstly, you can’t set dates manually, so the engine will go back to your first tweet. The archive doesn’t just download your tweets. It downloads every direct message, followers, following and more; a complete list can be found here. If you have a very active account with a lot of data, the archive can take days to collect, archive and get sent over to you by email.

Another downside is that you can only download your own data with this. So if you need to download your own tweet, it’s okay. But if you need someone else’s tweet, then this method won’t help. Finally, you’ll receive a link to download your archive as a ZIP file with your tweets inside it, in JSON and CSV format.


  • Easy and straightforward process;
  • You get a complete archive of your tweet data;
  • You can manually search for different words, hashtags or phrases;


  • The service doesn’t allow users to set manual dates for more restricted archive data;
  • You can use the feature for your own Twitter account only;
  • Users must wait for about 24 hours or longer to receive their archives;
  • JSON format may not be convenient for most users;

Download a tweet using a third-party tool

The standard method of downloading tweets offers limited functionality and may not always meet your expectations. In this regard, you can turn to third-party tools to get more detailed data about your tweets or someone else’s tweets. EInsightData will give you a spreadsheet of data for a given account/handle or hashtag. This will allow you to search through tweets easily in a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. Simultaneously, you will get valuable associated data along with the tweet for your data analysis. Currently, our offering is free of charge:

  • Tweets by account/handle; download the last 3200 tweets
  • Tweets by hashtag; download all tweets in the last 7 days

The associated data is valuable data that you can use to derive useful information and insights from. Here is a list of the data provided in the spreadsheet:

  • Tweet creation date
  • Tweet coordinates (as per account)
  • Tweet ID
  • Quoted status information
  • Tweet content
  • Contributors
  • Tweet truncation status
  • Retweet count
  • Tweet reply status
  • Tweet favourite count
  • User ID of replied to account
  • Tweet favourite status
  • Status ID
  • Retweet status of specific tweets
  • Tweet location (as per account)
  • Tweet language

What’s more, the straightforward and easy-to-use platform will allow you to export Twitter followers, following as well as tweets. Simply visit and enter the desired Twitter account or hashtag. As a result, you’ll get a raw data report that will take your research to the next level.

einsightdata download sample data

Downloading tweets using eInsightData is more accessible than expected. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit;
  2. Click on the Download Tweets on the top of the menu;
  3. Choose a or multiple desired @ account or # hashtag;
  4. Enter your email to receive a thorough analysis of the results;
  5. Choose one of the file formats, CSV or XLSX;
  6. Pick from one of the available options;
  7. You’ll receive the report on your email securely and quickly;

Advantages and disadvantages of downloading Tweets using a third-party tool like eInsightData


  • Easy and fast process, free of charge;
  • The service allows getting an instant insight of any target account;
  • You get an easy-to-use spreadsheet of data;
  • Clients can choose between two accessible formats, .XLSX or .CSV;
  • The “Free Sample” option allows you to see a sample of 25 records for any hashtag or handle


  • To get older or historical tweets, you have to email in at (Not automated yet!)

How long does it take for Twitter data to download?

If you’re using the standard Twitter service, you’ll typically wait for about 24 hours. Surprisingly, the data’s size isn’t the main factor when determining how long it would take. But as we have explained above, using this method is limited to downloading tweets for your own accounts.

eInsightData is actually the fastest tool out there. We have enhanced our code over the years and found ways over grabbing back from Twitter much quicker than anyone else in the market. We can extract tweets faster than using Twitter themselves and any other third party services on the market. We also provide all associated data with the tweet (more details above in this blog). So how long does it take to download tweets with eInsightData? It highly depends on the number of tweets, but our average is approximately one hour.

How many tweets can you download?

The Twitter data archive feature gets sent to your inbox in ZIP format and will contain all of your tweets (and only your accounts tweets) from the creation of your account. The data folder consists of JSON files with data for your account. Typically, this folder includes tweets, direct messages, images and videos. You’ll also see your followers, following, interests, subscriptions and many more.

eInsightData can export tweets from your accounts and others. We can also extract tweets for a given hashtag. Currently, the online service can download the last 3200 tweets for a given account/handle or the previous 7 days for a given hashtag. If you need older tweets or what Twitter calls Historical Tweets, see below.

Historical Tweets

Historical tweets are all tweets older than the last 7 days or the last 3200 tweets. If you require historical tweets, you must request them from Twitter. We have had many researchers, journalists and data scientists contact us for historical Twitter data. Currently, the best way to get this data is to contact us with your requirements on with the following information:

  • Date period(s)
  • account(s) or hashtag(s)

Once we receive the above information, we will calculate the price and time it will take to request this data from Twitter.


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