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Detailed Steps To Export Twitter Followers List for Free And Easily Search Twitter Bio's

Get a detailed walkthrough of all the steps that can help you export Twitter followers list from any account using eInsightData.

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If you are looking for effective means to export Twitter followers list, you’ve landed in the right place! In this post, we will be looking at the steps that will enable you to export Twitter followers list and easily search Twitter bio’s.

There are many reasons that may require you to search Twitter bio’s. These may include finding a specific group of followers, or conducting market research to find like-minded users, or locating specific groups of users to target.

Aside from these, there may be many other reasons as well which may require you to export Twitter followers list and search Twitter bio’s. eInsightData is a Twitter Analytics platform that can help you export Twitter followers list from any account.

The steps involved are relatively straightforward and can help you get the list of Twitter followers in just a few clicks. Let’s have a look at the steps involved in downloading Twitter followers from any account using eInsightData.

How to Export Twitter Followers for Free using eInsightData?

eInsightData can help you export Twitter followers list for free from any account (upto 5000 followers). Here are steps that can help you in getting a Twitter followers list from any account.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the @ Twitter account handle of the target account.
  3. Enter your email to receive the report.
  4. Choose your preferred file format (.CSV/.xlsx)
  5. Click on ‘Get Free Report’ and get the report for free! (upto 5000 followers)
  6. If the followers count is greater than 5,000, the amount for the report will be displayed and you can easily make the payment and get the report delivered to your e-mail ID.

All the payments are handled on Stripe’s secure servers and eInsightData never stores any of your payment details. Let’s have a look at the analytics included in the followers' analytics report.

Contents of the Twitter Followers Analytics Report

The contents of the analytical report are expansive and provide crucial insights into the followers' base of any account. Here is everything that’s included in the analytical report.

  • Account ID: Get the unique Twitter account ID of every follower.
  • Account Name: Get a list of account names for all the followers.
  • Profile Description: Get the Twitter bio or the profile description of every follower.
  • Protected Status: Get the account protection status of all the followers.
  • Listed Counts: Get the number of lists created by every account.
  • Verified Status: Get the account verification status of every follower.
  • Account Location: Get the geographical location of every account.
  • Profile URL: Get a list of direct URLs to every follower account.
  • Followers Count: Get the Twitter followers count of every follower.
  • Friends Count: Get the Twitter following list of every follower.
  • Account Creation Date: Get the account creation date & time for every follower.
  • Time Zone: Get the time zone of each follower.
  • Statuses Count: Get a count of all the tweets sent out from every follower's account.
  • Contributors Enabled: Whether contributors are enabled for a follower's account.

These insights are crucial for ensuring the success of any Twitter marketing strategy. Moreover, with eInsightData, you can be ensured that every metric that you get is 100% accurate.

How to Search Twitter Bios From the Analytics Report?

If you want to search Twitter bios from the analytical report, you just need the supplied .CSV/.xlsx file and open it in Excel or Google Sheets. Now, you just need the search term and use the ‘Search’ function to look for the exact term that you want to want to look for in the Twitter bios of the followers from any account.


Getting insights into your audience's behavior can open up new doors to brand promotion. You can drastically enhance the value of your brand and enhance its marketing prospects. If you have any queries regarding the services provided by eInsightData, get in touch with us at or use the chat option at the bottom right corner of this screen and we will be glad to assist.


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