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Download Tweets From Any Account or Hashtag Using eInsightData: Follow These Steps

This post summarises all that you need to know for downloading tweets from Twitter for any account or hashtag.

Download tweets

Are you looking for an easy way to download tweets from an account or for a specific hashtag? You’ve landed at the right place! eInsightData is a cutting-edge Twitter Analytics platform that can help you to download tweets from any account or hashtag.

There may be numerous reasons why you may need to download tweets. Academicians require this data to conduct crucial research, students need Twitter data for their projects, marketers acquire this data for conducting crucial market research and brands conduct effective competitor analysis by studying audience analytics.

Modern social media campaigns are designed by leveraging the power of hashtags and the impact of these campaigns can be only measured by analysing the reach of these hashtags. Since Twitter only displays the top 5 trending hashtags at any point of time, brands need to rely on third party Twitter Analytics platforms for hashtag analysis.

Everyone is aware of the latest trends surrounding the AI & ML industry. This is a field that is expected to witness major breakthroughs in the coming years. This is entirely made possible due to the analysis of high-quality user-generated data that is leveraged to ‘train’ these systems.

Getting access to valuable consumer data can prove to be a corner stone in the modern environment and entails numerous advantages. In this post, we shall have a look at how eInsightData can help you in getting access to authentic Twitter data in a highly cost-effective manner.

Download Tweets from an Account or Hashtag Using eInsightData

Getting Twitter data through eInsightData is extremely simple. You can get tweets list along with a detailed analytical report from any account or hashtag using the platform. Here are the analytical insights that are included in the tweets report from eInsightData.

  • Tweet ID
  • Tweet Creation Date & Time
  • Entire Tweet Content
  • Tweet Source
  • Whether original or reply
  • Tweet Geographical Location
  • Whether Contributors Enabled for Tweets
  • Retweet Count for Individual Tweets
  • Favourites Count for Individual Tweets
  • Retweet Status
  • Tweet Language

These insights are crucial to the success of any marketing campaign and eInsightData provides unhindered access to accurate Twitter Analytics to hundreds of clients. If you are a marketer, this data can prove to be highly valuable in case you want to analyse the consumer sentiment after deploying your marketing campaign.

Researchers have never-ending data requirements and we understand that. eInsightData prides itself for being the foremost Twitter data source for hundreds of research portals and academicians globally. If you need to download tweets, here are the steps that can help you do the same using eInsightData.

Steps to Download Tweets Using eInsightData

The steps to download tweets using eInsightData are very simple and in just a few clicks, you can get authentic Twitter data from any account or hashtag.

Moreover, the primary benefit that you enjoy by choosing eInsightData for your Tweet list requirements is the fact that there are no pesky subscriptions to deal with and you just pay for the data you require. This leads to optimal utilization of resources and opens up doors to cost-effective research.

Here are the steps that can help you to download tweets for any account or hashtag using eInsightData:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter the @ Twitter account handle or the target hashtag.
  3. Enter your email to receive the tweet list and analytical report.
  4. Click on ‘Get Price or Free Sample’.
  5. Choose your preferred file format (.CSV/.xlsx).
  6. Choose your preferred currency for payment.
  7. Finally, click on ‘Order the List’ and complete the payment.

The report starts getting generated as soon as you complete the payment and you will receive a direct download link to the report on the provided email ID. The steps involved are highly simple and you will get detailed insights that are not visible through any other means.


Getting access to high-quality Twitter data is of utmost importance. If the data is not accurate, it defeats the whole purpose of the research. We, at eInsightData, understand this fact and we guarantee that every bit of data that you get from the platform adheres to the highest accuracy standards.

If you experience any issues while downloading Twitter data using the above-mentioned steps, simply connect with us using the chat option at the bottom right of this screen or send an email to and we will be glad to assist you with your query.


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