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Easily Download Tweets From Twitter: Follow These Steps

Are you looking for effective means to download tweets from Twitter? This post lays out all that you need to do for downloading tweets from any account or hashtag.

download tweets from twitter

There are numerous reasons that may require you to download tweets from Twitter. If you are an academician, you may need to download tweets for your academic research, or if you are a marketer, you may need to download tweets for market research. A tweets list from any account is akin to a goldmine of sorts that can help you in performing a detailed analysis of any account that you target.

There are a number of platforms that can help you download tweets from Twitter. In fact, Twitter itself enables you to download tweets from the accounts that you have access to. For an everyday user, this feature might not make sense. They probably won’t even notice that the feature is there! But, it is there and has a distinct purpose!

You see, Twitter is an open platform where anyone can communicate with anyone! This makes Twitter the perfect platform to source data for conducting market research. Brands want to analyse the consumer sentiment before deploying a marketing strategy and Twitter is the perfect platform to do so.

Although Twitter allows you to download tweets as well as detailed account-specific data for accounts that you have access to, the same does not apply for other accounts. Competition analysis is a major driving factor that has led to the download tweets feature becoming of utmost importance.

There are a number of platforms that can help you download tweets from Twitter. However, many of those are expensive and can even burn a hole in your pocket owing to their cost-intensive data sourcing techniques.

What if we told you that there is a better, easier and cost-effective way to download tweets from Twitter? Continue reading to know more!

Steps to Download Tweets from Twitter Using eInsightData

eInsightData is an advanced Twitter Analytics platform that can help you get your hands on authentic Twitter data. With its tweets download feature, you can easily download tweets from Twitter for any account or hashtag. You simply need the @ Twitter handle and

Along with the tweets list, you also get a detailed analytical report which includes metrics such as time of the tweet, location, source, retweet count, favourites count, tweet ID, tweet location, and a lot more. You can leverage this download tweets feature and source the tweet list from any account that you wish for!

Here are the steps that can help you download tweets from Twitter for any account:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to
  2. Select the ‘Tweets’ tab.
  3. Enter the @ account handle or the hashtag for which you want to download tweets.
  4. Click on ‘Get Price or Free Sample’ button.
  5. Choose your preferred currency for payment.
  6. Choose the preferred file format (.CSV/.xlsx).
  7. Enter your email to receive the download link for the tweets list.
  8. You will receive details on the cost payable and the time it would take to generate the report.
  9. Click on ‘Order the List’.

As soon as you complete the payment, the tweet report will start getting compiled and you will receive an update on your email ID once the report is ready to download. All the payments are handled by Stripe’s secure payment gateway and you can be assured that all your payments are safely handled. eInsightData does not save your card details (not even the last 4 digits) and everything is handled on Stripe’s payment gateway.

Download Tweets from Twitter: Contents of the Report

When you deploy the download tweets option using eInsightData, you do not only get a list of tweets from the target account or hashtag, a detailed analytical report is also included with the list. Here is an elaboration of the contents that are included in the tweets download report:

  • Get exact date & time of tweet publication: You can get a list of tweets along with the exact date & time of their publication down to the last second.
  • Get tweet ID: Every tweet that is published on Twitter gets a unique tweet ID that is not visible on the platform. You get this data included with the tweet report.
  • Tweet source: Get information on the source of the tweet. Whether it was sent from PC, iPhone or a third party tweet management service, you now have a list of every detail.
  • Retweet count: Get a retweet count for each of the tweets that are listed in the report.
  • Favourites count: Get a detailed list of all the tweets along with the number of times they were favourited by other users.
  • Get tweet language: What language is used in the tweets? This metric provides the language details of individual tweets.
  • Original tweet or reply: Identify whether the tweet is original or sent in a reply to any tweet.

That’s not all. Once you download a sample from eInsightData, you will witness every imaginable metric for the tweets listed in the report. If you need any clarifications regarding the download tweets feature of eInsightData, send us a mail at and we will be happy to assist you!


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