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Export up to 5000 Twitter followers for as low as $5. That's $0.001/follower!

eInsightData is beating its competition by setting the lowest prices in industry on twitter follower export! The minimum price is fixed at $5 per 5000 followers; that's a lot of actionable data for just $0.001 per follower!

Export your followers for as low as $5 per 5000. That's $0.001 per follower!

Many customers might think that since this is a paid tool it's going to cost you a lot, however it's not the case. You can save followers for any Twitter account for as low as $5!

Yes you heard it right - $5 for up to 10,000 followers! eInsightData has managed to beat its competition by setting the lowest prices in the industry. Remember: besides the standard Twitter handles, eInsightData provides you with 21 additional parameters, which gives you a lot of insightful data to analyze.

And now I would like to show you how it works on practice. I have selected a Twitter account worth 1,500 followers. I'm now going to request a free price quote by copying this Twitter user name and pasting this into eInsightData form, like this. Okay let's see what the price is... As you can see the price is just $5 this is for an account that has 1500 followers.

Let's check another one I have selected one more account with nine thousand seven hundred twenty one followers and let's see what price we'll get from eInsightData. Once again I will be copying the username for this Twitter account and pasting this into the form. Okay, once pasted, I will click to get price and once again - and the price is still five dollars. With this number of followers the price is a fraction of a cent per follower. Like I said before besides the standard Twitter handles you will be getting 21 additional parameters to analyze your data.

This is quite powerful in itself, isn't it? So yeah go ahead and visit eInsightData play around with the form, request a free price quote and we will be happy to assist you any time.

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