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Export Twitter Followers List of Any Account Using eInsightData

Here is an easy to follow guide that can help you export Twitter followers list from any account using eInsightData. Get a detailed followers list along with a comprehensive analytical report.

Export Twitter followers list

The COVID induced lockdown has introduced an unexpected slump in the market. Businesses and enterprises are gasping for breath in this uncertain environment and are looking for innovative means to save costs and develop scenario-specific marketing strategies.

Although large businesses and corporations can somewhat live amidst this market pressure but the most affected are the small and medium businesses. These extraordinary times demand a few extraordinary measures. Today, targeted advertising is a key factor that sculpts the modern marketing strategy of brands.

Analysing Twitter followers through the export Twitter followers list feature of eInsightData can help you in getting targeted user data of Twitter followers from any account. Brands can leverage this data to develop targeted marketing strategies that resonate perfectly with their target audience.

Not only that, this export Twitter followers list feature is highly revered by the audience and brands are looking for highly effective and affordable means to source valuable user data.

eInsightData is a premier Twitter Analytics platform that can help you export Twitter followers list from any account. You get a complete list of Twitter followers from any target account along with an insightful analytical report. This analytical report can be leveraged in so many ways! Let’s have a look at few of the applications of the Twitter Analytics report.

Export Twitter Followers List: Key Applications

How exactly does eInsightData’s export Twitter followers list feature helps you? What metrics does it contain? How can you apply the benefits of Twitter followers list? Here are a few key advantages that you can entail when you export Twitter followers list using eInsightData.

  • Get your followers location: The comprehensive tweet report includes a section with the location of all the followers. You can leverage this data to deploy location-specific marketing strategies which appeal to the followers of that specific demographic.
  • Get the account language of your followers: Do you want to know what language your followers converse in? The export Twitter followers list features enable you to get the account language of all your followers so you can focus on their general conversation language and deploy targeted marketing strategies.
  • Get Twitter bio list: The Twitter bio section includes the bio’s of all the Twitter followers. This can be leveraged to search for specific keywords in their bio’s and easily identify anything you are looking for.
  • Identify influential followers: Through the export Twitter followers list feature, you can easily identify influential followers of any Twitter account. Once you have identified them, you can leverage their reach and improve the ROI of your marketing strategy.
  • Get account creation date of followers: Old Twitter accounts tend to be more authoritative and authentic in nature. Since they are active on the platform for a long time, there is a very high probability that these accounts are genuine.
  • Get a count of tweets: If a Twitter follower’s account is highly active, it is a good sign. However, if an account is inhumanely active, such as sending out tweets at a rate that is simply not possible by a human user, it is most likely a fake account. The export Twitter followers list feature helps you identify those accounts.
  • Get last tweet date of followers: Do you have thousands of followers but you are not garnering enough engagement? There might be a possibility that you have a dormant follower base. The export Twitter followers list feature provides you with the last tweet date and time for all your followers that can help you in identifying dormant accounts.
  • Account verification status: The verified status of an account is notified by a blue tick on the side of the account name. If an account is verified, it means that it is genuine and belongs to a real person. These accounts tend to be of noteworthy personalities and if you have a few ‘blue tick accounts’ as followers, it is a good sign! The export Twitter followers list feature helps you in identifying such accounts.

Aside from these, there are numerous other metrics that are included in the analytical report. You can export Twitter followers list from almost any account and get detailed insights into the followers base of that account. But, how exactly can you export Twitter followers list?

Steps to Export Twitter Followers List Using eInsightData

Here are the detailed steps that can help you export Twitter followers list from any account using eInsightData. Let’s begin!

  1. Open your browser and navigate to
  2. Enter the targeted Twitter account’s @ handle.
  3. Choose your preferred currency for payment.
  4. Choose the desired file format (.CSV/.xlsx).
  5. Click on ‘Order the List’.

Voila! As soon as you complete the payment, the export Twitter followers list feature will get to work and import the entire followers' list of the target account with detailed metrics. Since the data is compiled in real-time directly from Twitter’s servers, your report will take a few minutes to get generated. You will receive an email from eInsightData regarding the status of your report within a few minutes along with a direct download link.


If you have any queries or concerns regarding the export Twitter followers list feature of eInsightData, kindly get in touch with us at and we will be more than happy to accommodate your request.


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