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Get a List of Twitter Followers From Any Account: Follow These Steps

Are you looking for steps to download list of Twitter followers from any account? These steps will be immensely helpful for you.

List of Twitter followers

Having the capability of getting a list of Twitter followers from any account is priceless for journalists. Aside from facilitating an easy way to save the list of Twitter followers, the easy accessibility of data can certainly help journalists in their investigative ventures.

Marketers too leverage the list of Twitter followers for effective analysis and development of impactful social media strategies. The sheer possibilities that Twitter followers analytics opens up are simply endless and businesses and digital promoters are certainly looking for new and innovative means to leverage Twitter followers data.

eInsightData is a Twitter analytics platform that can help you in getting a list of Twitter followers from virtually any Twitter account. You simply need the @ Twitter account handle and eInsightData takes care of the rest. The platform is easy to navigate and everything is well laid out. Even if you are new to the Twitter Analytics domain, eInsightData’s CSV/xlsx list of Twitter followers can help you identify and analyse all the follower-specific metrics.

If you are looking for ways to get a Twitter followers list from any account, here are a few easy to follow steps that can help you in fulfilling your Twitter data requirements. Let’s begin!

List Of Twitter Followers Using eInsightData

Using eInsightData for extracting a Twitter followers list is easy. You simply need to navigate to the website and get to your business straight away. The interface is highly interactive to use and all the options available to the user are visible upfront and require zero digging around. Here are the steps to get the list of Twitter followers using eInsightData:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter the @ Twitter handle of the target account.
  3. Enter your email to receive the list of Twitter followers.
  4. Choose your preferred file format (CSV/xlsx).
  5. Click on ‘Get Price or Free Sample’ button.
  6. Complete the payment with card.

As soon your payment is confirmed, the list of Twitter followers starts getting generated and will be ready to download within a matter of minutes. No messing around in excel sheets or untrustworthy browser extensions and your desired Twitter followers list will be delivered securely in your inbox.

Metrics In The Twitter Followers List From eInsightData

Any marketer or information hungry journalist understands the fact that simply getting your hands on the account handles of Twitter followers would not cut it. It is more like half-baked data that can be simply kept as offline records.

However, when you get a list of Twitter followers using eInsightData, the metrics and account-specific information in the followers' report are highly expansive.

You get a detailed Twitter followers list that has numerous insightful metrics which you cannot source otherwise. Although Twitter does provide account data to owners, the data is in JSON format which is not considered a highly versatile format for deriving analytics.

eInsightData also has the option of getting the Twitter followers list from any account. Along with the list of @ account handles, you also get a comprehensive report that contains numerous metrics that can help you in deriving constructive conclusions. Here is a brief insight into eInsightData’s Twitter analytics report:

  • Twitter Account ID: This is a unique ID assigned by Twitter to every account on the platform.
  • Account Name: The name or the brand name of the Twitter account holder (User-defined).
  • Screen Name: The name which the follower has opted to display (User-defined).
  • Profile Location: This is the location declared by the account at the time of account creation. Users can also change this setting whenever they want.
  • Account’s Twitter Bio: This is the section that appears below the account name and Twitter handle of an account.
  • Profile URL: This is the URL that directly links to the followers' account.
  • Account Protected Status: The account protected status denoted the privacy settings of the accounts. The activities of these accounts are only visible to their followers and cannot be accessed by non-followers unless the account owner changes their tweet privacy settings.
  • Followers count: This metric denotes the account-specific following of the follower from the target account.
  • Friends count: Friends are the accounts that the targeted account follower follows.
  • Listed counts: Listed counts denotes the number of lists a specific follower has created in their account.
  • Account Creation Date: This metric provides the account creation date and time. A very useful detail that helps in identifying fake followers.
  • Favourites count: It is the number of tweets that a follower has favourited.
  • Account Time zone: The time zone of the followers' account.
  • Account Verified Status: Accounts that are verified by Twitter to be genuine and of noteworthy presence are listed as ‘True’ or ‘False’ in the report. Account verification status is denoted by a blue tick that appears on the right of a Twitter account name.
  • Statuses count: This is simply the number of tweets that the listed follower has sent out from their account.
  • Default Language: The default language of the Twitter follower’s account. Users can change their default account language whenever they want.
  • Contributors enabled: This is the count of users that have access to the followers' Twitter account. Business accounts usually have a higher contributor figure than individual users.

You also have an option of downloading the report in a CSV or xlsx format that enables seamless derivation of analytics. Here is a sample report screenshot of the Twitter followers list of @realdonaldtrump.

Trump's list of Twitter followers

If you have any Twitter data requirements, we are happy to help you! eInsightData is a trusted choice for hundreds of businesses globally and can help you with your data requirements. Navigate to and get accurate Twitter data that perfectly meets your business requirements.


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