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How to Target Your Competitor's Followers

Running your Twitter ads on your competitions' audiences is one of the advertising hacks. Use Twitter Extractor to generate Twitter followers for your competition and set up your ads to target them. Follow this guide and enjoy your Twitter Advertising results.

Export Twitter followers list

In this age of advertisement working with an advertising partner is a must if you wish to promote any kind of product or business, but is it really? It is true that an advertising, partner will prove useful on the long run, but the costs of such service rack up quickly and you don't really get any guarantee that their work will generate revenue for your business, which leaves many small and mid size companies without access to this kind of service.

But, thanks to the changes Twitter incorporated into their site/app, they allow people to create and upload their own audiences thus eliminating need to go through an advertising partner which is awesome but has certain drawbacks, which we will talk about later.

What I think of doing is showing you exactly how to use this system.

But, first, let me rant a bit. Namely, one should always consider what kind of sentiment this will generate in your follower/target demographic. You should always first think about why these users follow your competitors and not you and will they be angered by the sudden sponsored tweets they'll receive from you. One should always have a clear and set goal in mind and in place to make sure you will get a proper return on your investment, and I am not only talking about time and money, you are putting your name out there and it should always be in a positive light so that your target audience doesn't feel annoyed and disrupted. Ok, that was enough moral banter, let us get to the interesting part.

Step one: Prepare your audience

Depending on your target audience, the number of followers and people can even surpass hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Because of that, it's almost impossible to get a list of those potential customers manually, that's why I recommend that you use an online tool I've used in the past called TwitterExtractor, an amazing and reliable tool that will compile a list of all your followers and their complete Twitter data all in one convenient CSV file or Excel file. You could always use the copy paste method but I think that won't cut it if you have more than say, ten followers, that's why using an online tool like TwitterExtractor will prove mandatory if you wish to continue any kind of ad work and demographic analysis

Now, Twitters very own audience targeting is actually pretty simple to navigate and use, be it that you need to target your own followers/audience or use your competitor's followers, but those must also be analyzed with the data TwitterExtractor provides you with if you wish to have a complete view of their demographic.

Below, I’ll provide an image to serve as an example of the data you can receive with TwitterExtractor.

Preview of Twitter Extractor Sample Report

Step two: Upload your audience

Next, open up Twitter, and open your advertising account. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to create one, a very simple process that doesn’t require further explanation, it can be done in seconds on this site.

Choose ‘Tools’ from the drop-down menu and select ‘Audience Manager’ from the drop-down menu. Then hit the ‘Create New List Audience’ button.

Select ‘Audience Manager’ From the Drop-down Menu

Give your new audience an obvious name, and add a date in case you need to update the list later.

Select Audience In Audience Manager

Choose the type of data you are using, and upload.

Upload your customer list to Twitter and you're ready to start your ads

Depending on the size of your list, it will usually take a couple of hours for Twitter to process your audience information. It will fire you an email once your audience is uploaded and ready to use.

Step three: Create a campaign

Once your audience is ready you’re all set. Fire up Twitter and head back to the ads section.

Create a new campaign – here I’m using ‘promoted tweets’ – and again, name it clearly:

Create a new campaign and name it clearly

Now choose ‘Tailored audiences’ and upload your list.

Choose Tailored Audiences

You can refine this further by location, gender, age etc:

Pick Location of Where You Want Your Ads to Show

Finally, choose which tweets you want to promote (You can also choose ‘compose tweets’ if you’d like it to only be seen by targeted followers, rather than your entire Twitter audience, useful if you are running a get followers campaign, and for A/B testing content in advance), and set your budget.

You’ll notice on the left, Twitter displays a small graph showing how much reach you can expect for your budget.

Set a budget for your twitter campaign

Here the default maximum payment per engagement is $2.00, but you should testthis extensively.

I’ve found that I can usually get this down to around the 50-75 cent mark with smaller audiences and niche content, but this will obviously differ based on your aims (or to put it another way, if you are a broadcaster, you’ll need some ice for your company credit card at some point).

And away you go. Stats and spend will be displayed in the analytics section. I recommend you update your campaign every day with new content for maximum engagement.

That about wraps it up folks, I’ve shown you an awesome tool you can use in the form of TwitterExtractor and also the steps you need to take to start your ad campaign and target your competitor's followers with custom-made auidiences. Best of luck to you in your Twitter ad venture.


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