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  • Tweets by account/handle - download the last 3200 tweets for free.
  • Tweets by hashtag - download all tweets in the last 7 days for free.
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4000+ Analytics reports generated    220+ Satisfied Clients

4000+ Analytics reports generated

220+ Satisfied Clients

and many more have chosen our products for a wide-range of use cases

eInsightData is the Preferred Twitter Analytics Source For Businesses Globally

Download tweets by hashtag

The tweet export feature allows you to download tweets by hashtag or account, helping you perform analytics on what is trending. Gain instant insight from your downloads and produce hashtag metrics or perform user tweet analytics to enhance your campaigns.
  • Analyse tweet specific hashtag performance.
  • Perform detailed competitors analysis.
  • Predict the impact of hashtag campaigns and formulate a reliable marketing strategy.

Download tweets by account handle

With our recent 3200 tweets report, get a comprehensive breakdown of tweet specific information that can help you in analysing the performance of tweets from your account or any public Twitter account.
  • Download tweets from any account.
  • Get tweet location, date and time of publishing.
  • Get tweet specific analytics.

What’s included in the Tweet report?

When you deploy the download tweets option using eInsightData, you do not only get a list of tweets from the target account or hashtag, a detailed analytical report is also included with the list. Here is an elaboration of the contents that are included in the tweets download report:

  • Get exact date & time of tweet publication: You can get a list of tweets along with the exact date & time of their publication down to the last second.
  • Get tweet ID: Every tweet that is published on Twitter gets a unique tweet ID that is not visible on the platform. You get this data included with the tweet report.
  • Tweet source: Get information on the source of the tweet. Whether it was sent from PC, iPhone or a third party tweet management service, you now have a list of every detail.
  • Retweet count: Get a retweet count for each of the tweets that are listed in the report.
  • Favourites count: Get a detailed list of all the tweets along with the number of times they were favourited by other users.
  • Get tweet language: What language is used in the tweets? This metric provides the language details of individual tweets.
  • Original tweet or reply: Identify whether the tweet is original or sent in a reply to any tweet.

That’s not all. Once you download a sample from eInsightData, you will witness every imaginable metric for the tweets listed in the report. If you need any clarifications regarding the download tweets feature of eInsightData, send us a mail at and we will be happy to assist you!

Detailed Tweet Metrics

eInsightData provides you with detailed tweet metrics that helps you in identifying resonating content.

Analyse audience sentiment

Isolate conversations intended for your brand and and become pro-active in your customer feedback strategies.

Build An Impactful Twitter Presence

Supercharge your Twitter Content marketing endeavors through effective Twitter conversation analysis


Downloading tweets from Twitter can be extremely helpful if you’re trying to come up with an efficient strategy to grow your account and/or become more relevant. There are two ways of going about this - downloading tweets belonging to a single account or downloading tweets that deal with a particular subject.

The former approach can tell you how and why the account you’re examining has become popular. You can see which strategies they used, how they approached a subject and what resonated best with their audience. It’s a fantastic way to study your competition, regardless if you’re just starting or have an established Twitter account.

You can also explore the most popular topics this way, which allows you to stay on top of things and see what attracts people the most. It’s a great way to expand your reach and become visible to a larger number of potential clients.

We understand that this type of service should be made available to small and medium-sized businesses too, not just large corporations who spend vast sums of money for this kind of analysis. eInsightData is fully dedicated to making accurate Twitter analytics available to everyone.

On top of that, we’ve created a process that will get you the desired data in just a few clicks, and our top-tier customer support is always there to help you out. Add to that some very reasonable prices, and you will be able to create an impactful and influential Twitter account extremely efficiently. This is why eInsightData is your best source of tweets on the web.

If you want to download tweets using eInsightData, all you need is the Twitter handle of the account you want to target or the hashtag you’re interested in. And that’s it!

Once you get to eInsightData’s website, just type in the handle or the hashtag that interests you in the Tweets tab and click the Get Price or Free Sample button. Once you do that, you will be able to choose the currency in which you would like to pay for the report (free samples are also available) and the format in which you’d like to receive it. The download link will be delivered to your e-mail, and then you simply have to order the list.

Naturally, everything is perfectly safe, with all payments going through Stripe’s secure payment gateway.

Having a bunch of tweets won’t do you much good if you can’t analyse them properly, but don’t worry - eInsightData’s Twitter report will provide you with plenty of incredibly useful data, making sure you can conduct your analysis however it suits you best.

To be more precise, you will get the exact time and date when every tweet was published, its language, tweet IDs and sources, the number of retweets and the number of favourites, plus you will be able to tell whether a tweet is a reply or an original.

And these are just some of the aspects of the report as you will get a ton of other metrics you can examine. Should you need any help explaining what each part of the report means, feel free to contact us at for clarification!

eInsightData is undoubtedly the fastest tool for downloading tweets you can currently find online. Its code has been in continuous development for years now, and the final result is an incredibly fast service that allows you to have a detailed report in front of you in no time.

To be more specific, you will only have to wait for it for about an hour on average, but do keep in mind that the total time needed for the procedure to be completed will very much depend on the number of tweets you’re aiming to download.

While Twitter does allow you to view all your tweets from the moment you opened your account up to the present time, this feature is only reserved for YOUR account. In other words, you can’t view anyone else’s tweets this way.

With eInsightData, on the other hand, you can choose whichever account/handle or hashtag interests you and get the last 3200 tweets any account has published or check the tweets published with a specific hashtag in the last seven days. In most cases, this is more than enough to get a good idea of what works and what doesn’t and to decide what you should base your strategy on.

If the tweets you’re looking for are older than seven days or do not belong in the last 3200 tweets published by an account, we are talking about historical tweets. If there is a specific period you are interested in, this data has to be requested from Twitter itself.

We can do all of that for you and save you the time and trouble of contacting Twitter. Just contact us and tell us which period interests you and give us the name of the account or the hashtag you’re focusing on, and we’ll get right to work. Obviously, first we will calculate the price and the amount of time this whole endeavour will take and check if you agree with it.

eInsightData takes great pride in the fact that we have made this service available to pretty much everyone. In fact, this is one of the most efficient ways of acquiring detailed Twitter data in the world, all thanks to our competitive prices!

There are actually two different services you can choose from - downloading tweets from an account and downloading tweets for a hashtag. The latter will cost you $15, whereas the latter will set you back only $10. That’s a really small price to pay for data that could help you reach millions of new followers!