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Download tweets for free from any account or hashtag and export in a csv/xlsx file. Perform Twitter analysis with data and make informed decisions.

  • Tweets by account/handle - download the last 3200 tweets for free.
  • Tweets by hashtag - download all tweets in the last 7 days for free.
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4000+ Analytics reports generated    220+ Satisfied Clients

4000+ Analytics reports generated

220+ Satisfied Clients

and many more have chosen our products for a wide-range of use cases

eInsightData is the Preferred Twitter Analytics Source For Businesses Globally

Download tweets by hashtag

The tweet export feature allows you to download tweets by hashtag or account, helping you perform analytics on what is trending. Gain instant insight from your downloads and produce hashtag metrics or perform user tweet analytics to enhance your campaigns.
  • Analyse tweet specific hashtag performance.
  • Perform detailed competitors analysis.
  • Predict the impact of hashtag campaigns and formulate a reliable marketing strategy.

Download tweets by account handle

With our recent 3200 tweets report, get a comprehensive breakdown of tweet specific information that can help you in analysing the performance of tweets from your account or any public Twitter account.
  • Download tweets from any account.
  • Get tweet location, date and time of publishing.
  • Get tweet specific analytics.

What’s included in the analytics report?

Tweet creation date Tweet co-ordinates (as per account)
Tweet ID Quoted status information
Tweet content Contributors
Tweet truncation status Retweet count
Tweet reply status Tweet favourite count
User ID of replied to account Tweet favourite status
Status ID Retweet status of specific tweets
Tweet location (as per account) Tweet language
Detailed Tweet Metrics

eInsightData provides you with detailed tweet metrics that helps you in identifying resonating content.

Analyse audience sentiment

Isolate conversations intended for your brand and and become pro-active in your customer feedback strategies.

Build An Impactful Twitter Presence

Supercharge your Twitter Content marketing endeavors through effective Twitter conversation analysis